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Marco Deambrogio: Actor, writer and explorer.

In the last years he has done important trip: in 1997 he organize an expedition in Groenland and Iceland, in 1998 he cross by land walking the Amazzonia forest and Cambogia and Vietnam, in 1999 he arrive in the North Pole by skiing with a russian expedition from Sibiria, in 2000 he cross the Australian Desert with a 4 wheel drive and New Guinea walking in the virgin forest.

In 2001 he realized the tour alone around the world with his motorbike for a total of 57.000 chilometers in 8 mounths, in 2002 he started from Italy in Milan and arrived in Kabul in Afghanistan by motorbike for send a message of peace, and built an hospital for help the afghanistan victims of war.

In the 2004 another adventure from VENICE to BEJING China ,on the old silk road, 18.000 kilometers on motorbike accross, Europe, Turkish, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbechistan, Kirghizistan, Kazachistan and China. Next year 2005 ,Marco organized the Oceania Expedition Project ,28.000 kilometers on a motorbike around Australian deserts ,New Zeland and Tasmania. In December 2006 Marco leave Italy before Christmans and start a new trip: MISSION AFRICA across Italy,France,Spain,Marocco,Mauritania, Mali,Burkina Faso,Benin and arrived on border of Nigeria. Tree mounths of pure adventures on the motorbike...

In the 2007 Deambrogio goes to Caucaso accross Europe,Turkish ,Georgia ,Armenia,Nagorno Karaback and Azerbajain.

In the 2008 Marco organized two different trip in the same year :first trip he goes on motorbike in the Balcan area ,across Serbia,Macedonia ,Kosovo and Montenegro,second trip he takes a 4 whell drive and goes accross Europe,Turkish ,Siria,Libanon,Giordania .

Next year in The 2009 is time to goes to the Republic of Transnistria across Ungheria,Romania,Moldavia ,and 2010 the adventurer go again to Caucaso during the winter across Europe,Ucraina,Russia,Kabardino Balkaria,Ossezia del Nord ,Inguscezia and Cecenia (take a look the new reportage on the icon NEWS....

Many magazines and newspapers in Italy and in the world as talk about Deambrogio (take alook in the home page RASSEGNA STAMPA) and also italian television and radio (take a look in the VIDEO).